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What to expect when upgrading to an iPhone 7?

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While there’s still a lot of hype around the new iPhone 11 family and the possibility of a new iphone SE2, likely to be marketed as the “iPhone 9”, we still see a lot of customers upgrading from iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 or 6s to iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 is now our best seller, as a refurbished phone specialist we don’t sell the latest or greatest models, but we do sell fully functional and almost brand new refurbished iphones.


If you are trading up from an older iPhone to a Refurbished iPhone 7, what should you expect?


Well to start with, the screen size and resolution is the same as the iPhone 6s, so there’s no difference there. The 7 screen is brighter by 25% according to Apple. The overall weight and size of the iPhone 7 is also almost identical to it’s older sibling – the dimesions and design are almost identical, with the newer 7 coming in just 5 grams (yes 5g!) lighter than the 6s.


So what are the big changes you should expect?


 Home Button – It feels different!


The number one question we receive from customers is about the iPhone 7 Home button. It’s been completely re-engineered and is now a fixed button with finger-print scanner. Gone is the physical movement of the old iPhone Home buttons – no more clicking! The new iPhone Home button, which made it’s debut in the iPhone 7 is now present in all of the latest models. Powered by a new haptic engine it has 3 settings which can be configured and will vibrate and simulate a clicking motion during use.


Faster Performance – Vrooom!


The processor gets an upgrade to Apple’s A10 Fusion chipset, Quad Core CPU, Six Core GPU and 2Gb of RAM. This provided a nice performance boost when compared to the iPhone 6s which contained Apple’s A9 chipset, Dual Core CPU.


Better Camera – Smile!


While the rear camera remains almost the same with 12 megapixel sensor, it has a slightly faster f/1.8 aperture, optical image stabilisation and improved quad-LED flash. The improvement to the rear camera aperture will improve the iPhone’s biggest photographic weakness – low light photography, so those upgrading from older iPhones should notice this welcome improvement!


The front camera (selfie camera) gets a long overdue upgrade from 5MP to 7MP and improved 1080p recording capability. The aperture speed on the selfie camera remains at f/2.2 although it has the capability to capture better detailed images. And finally, the lens has been upgraded to a new 6-element lens, which takes advantage of Apple’s improved image signal processor and has added support for a wider range of colours which will boost colour accuracy.


Bye bye to the standard 3.5mm headphone jack 🙁


By far the biggest design change, is the disappearance of the 3.5mm headphone jack. This means standard headphones no longer work with the iPhone 7 and above. But fear not, Apple has produced a new type of headphones which connect via the Lighting port (charge port) and retain the same functionality for hands-free voice calls and inline volume control. A number of third-party options are available too, as are 3.5mm to Lightning adaptors (but watch out, not all adaptors support hands free calls or inline volume control – so do check before purchase!).


And last but not least, the battery is a little better than predecessor models.


Affordable, reliable and a nice upgrade from the iPhone 6s, we think the iPhone 7 will be a solid performer for several years yet despite all the hype around new phones, Apple will need to deliver something really special to convince us that the iPhone 11 is worth in excess of £800 more than a refurbished iPhone 7!



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