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Why the iPhone 6s is still a great phone

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The iPhone 6s is a remarkable phone in many ways and continues to be wildly popular. The iPhone 6s was first released in 2015 and unlike previous iPhones, remained on sale for a full 3 years, despite new models being launched in that time. As Apple’s new iPhone sales continue to decline, due to very high prices and without any big new features to pull in the crowds, older models such as the iPhone 6s continue to surprise. While the 5s, 5c and 6 have started to feel a little slow (but are still great value and very usable), the iPhone 6s not only looks like it’s more expensive younger sibling, the iPhone 8, there are only incremental differences in performance and functionality (mostly the camera). The A9 chip, iOS 12 and Apple’s transparency around battery management and the need to replace batteries over time to maintain top performance, has meant that the iPhone 6s continues to offer great performance and great value for money. Apple stopped selling the 6s in 2018, but refurbished models are widely available and extremely popular – our best selling model in 2019 so far!

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